Discovery Channel Ten Commandments of the Mafia


Giuseppe Genco Russo

Giuseppe Genco Russo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Palermo, Sicily, on November 7, 2007, Italian police discovered a secret Mafia code of conduct. Now for the first time, learn from former mobsters what the rules of membership are, how they work and what happened to mobsters when they questioned the ‘Ten Commandmentsof the Mafia’. Li


sten in as former Mafia members speak out for the first time about the codes that govern their criminal world. Chilling firsthand accounts from the Mobsters themselves tell of life on the inside and how their motto of ‘cosa nostra’ — “this thing of ours” — ultimately fell victim to the American Dream. In two riveting hours this fascinating series explores how the modern day American Mafia first built its power by following Piccolo‘s Cosa Nostra Code; and lost it all when the code was abandoned.



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