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Hunger Games Sequel Motion Poster May Excite Few

Cover of "Catching Fire (The Second Book ...

Cover via Amazon

The Hunger Games

was one of those films that young girls were excited about and everyone else wanted to see it, unlike Twilight where the films are hated by everyone except for that specific demographic. I enjoyed The Hunger Games book and the film, and I’m waiting to read the next book in the series to prepare me for the film sequel, Catching Fire. I’m busy with The Hobbit right now so Catching Fire is on the back burner after that World War Z and Kick-Ass 2. But here is something to whet the beaks of fans everywhere.

You can check the motion poster here:

Did you see that?  The motion poster is just to instill hype in the hearts of fans but will do little for everyone else.  I wanted to be hyped but felt nothing, and that shouldn’t shy my interest away from the film just yet.  This is meant to tease and it does just that.  I want more but I’ll just have to wait next year.


Lando Calrissian Returns for Star Wars Episode VII

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s been so much Star Wars news floating around lately even I’m starting to get tired of it, but here’s one detail I can’t go without passing along. We’ve long heard that the major players in the original trilogy would be appearing in the most recent slew of films, but here’s one name that I hadn’t really expected: Lando Calrissian. He’s probably the most loved of all the side characters, but I’m still a little surprised to hear his inclusion confirmed so early on in production.

According to Moviehole, though, that his name has popped up alongside Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia in the 50 page treatment written by Micheal Arndt. I’ll have to admit that I’m still a little suspicious about them including so many of the older characters. Only Harrison Ford has really aged well, both as an acotr and physically. To be frank, Mark Hamill looks kind of like the younger version of himself in bad aging makeup.

I’d prefer to see them focus on creating new, strong characters to inhabit the universe. But, bringing Lando back seems like a really good idea to me. He’s one of the more interesting characters of the Star Wars universe, and more screen time would allow him to be fleshed out more. Are any Star Wars fans out there to see Billy Dee Williams back in the saddle?