Trailer for ‘World War Z’ Doesn’t Have Brad Pitt Asking What’s in the Box

We’ve read about the production problems, we saw our first glimpse a couple of days ago and now the first official trailer for World War Z  is here.   Can we breathe a huge sigh of relief that the movie won’t be the train wreck that was believed to be a couple of months ago?  I won’t say that just yet, but the trailer gets your attention.  And that is half the battle kids.  Let’s all watch Brad Pitt run around and look scared shall we?


Given the public’s insatiable appetite for any and all things zombie related, World War Zwill probably make a few bucks come next summer.   And hopefully all those pesky rumors of an out of control budget and screenwriters (including Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof  and Cabin in the Woods Drew Goddard) brought in to rewrite the script for seven weeks of reshoots will have no effect on the final product…one can hope.

The thing that will be most interesting about World War Z is the direction by Marc Forster.  The guy is mostly known for character driven movies (Stranger than Fiction,Monsters Ball) and his only big budget action movie, Quantum of Solace, wasn’t horrible, but it was terribly erratic.  Will he be able to pull this off?

I have to say, the trailer looks good and I don’t have that fear of impending disaster after watching it, so I’m quietly optimistic.  Even if it looks like your standard zombie fare, I’ll check it out when it opens June 21st.


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